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Company Overview

Gros Kapital Holdings is a Gulf region-based financial institution with a strong global presence and a focus on expanding our investment portfolio. Our core areas of expertise encompass debt funding and loans, and we are well-positioned to provide financial support to any of your projects between £€$20,000-£€$1,000,000,000. at a duration of 1 – 30 years and can offer a moratorium for up to 24 months., all at a competitive 2% interest rate. Gros Kapital Holdings was first established under Gros Kapital Invest Sp. z o.o’. In keeping with the company’s strategy to raise its profile and expand its investment activities, it was rebranded ‘Gros Kapital Holdings’. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, the Group’s areas of operation span the European region and the European Union (EU). Gros Kapital Holdings is headquartered in Poland, serving approximately Two million consumers, It also has one significant operation Branch in other European countries.

Gros Kapital Holdings offers its Global Fund Program, where debt/loan funding is offered to interested clients globally to fund profitable businesses and projects without any collateral. We provide investment solutions, Our program currently entails the use of our most proficient financial institutions here in Europe to fund Private Capital, Private Equity, Project Funding, Real Estate, Business and entertainment Funding, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, JV, Debt Financing or Convertible debt structures.

We also offer all types of loans such as mortgage, home, debt consolidation, education/student loans to refinance your existing loans, business, and medical. If you have any viable project/Business, we can finance and partner together by making a financial investment in the form of debt/loan financing. We provide our clients with thorough and sound financial services for feasible projects they can diverge into. Our team of dynamic professionals has managed wealth in various establishments and capacities with a vast view of the financial management sector. We focus on maximizing each business opportunity presented to us and creating a win-win situation through transparency and completion of due diligence from both sides. We work with our partner firms and other investors to build long-term relationships, utilizing our expertise to ensure no one is indebted without a significant gain in the future.